18th Century Stays Making

Costume workshops are back! Spend two days with sewing and costuming instructor Carrie Midura for a weekend of making 18th century stays at several locations in the coming months:

August 20 & 21
at Peter Wentz Farmstead
Lansdale, PA
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October 15 & 16
at North Andover Historical Society
North Andover, MA

$160 per person

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November 19 & 20
at Peter Wentz Farmstead
Lansdale, PA

$160 per person

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stays bw drawingWorkshop fee includes all project materials and light refreshments. This workshop is limited to ten participants. Online registration is available through Paypal by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ buttons above. Print & mail registration forms are available by emailing carrieandfitz@gmail.com. Very excited to get stitching with everyone!

The following supplies are included in the 18th Century Stays Workshop:

  • linen for outer layer (choice of two colors)
  • linen canvas for inner layers
  • half oval reed for boning
  • leather for binding
  • needles & linen thread for hand-stitching
  • check linen for lining
  • tracing paper for drafting patterns

Participants should bring the following:

  • 18c shift & petticoat
  • 18c stays/jumps or push-up bra (for fitting purposes)
  • Sewing supplies (scissors, pins, thimble, beeswax, erasable fabric marker/chalk, clear ruler, lead pencil)
  • Lunch and any additional snacks/beverages desired

Optional supplies:

  • Sewing machine, heavy machine thread & denim needles
  • Alternate fabric for outer layer of stays (thin wool or linen recommended)
  • Alternate boning (cable zip ties, german plastic whalebone, or pounded ash recommended)

Additional questions are welcome at carrieandfitz@gmail.com. Thanks and happy stitching!

P.S. You can also find my older (2009) stays tutorial at mantuamakeratmidnight.wordpress.com. I have been updating it for the purposes of teaching workshops but there’s a ton of usable information for those who want the steps without taking the workshop.