Sew Comfortable December 4: Another (Night-) Cap

sew comfortableThe Sew Comfortable series is taking a side road to the past here on Day 4! I have to admit, I probably won’t be sleeping in my night-cap but it is rather pretty and could definitely make some appearances at an afternoon tea. This pattern isn’t mine, rather it’s my interpretation of a cap pattern and instructions printed in the 1840 edition of The workwoman’s guide, containing instructions in cutting out and completing articles of wearing apparel, by a lady  which can be read via Google Books.

Day Four: Another (NIGHT-)Cap

Clearly the ‘lady’ who wrote the book wasn’t concerned with cleverly naming or differentiating the caps and other articles of clothing in her book. If she had, I might have a better title than Another Cap. Alas… that is what appears in her text – and as the title of more than one cap! Here’s the description of our particular cap:

PLATE 9. FIG. 27, 28

This is a pretty shape for almost any purpose, and in any thin material; it is cut out in front very much in the same manner that a baby’s cap is cut behind, which will be seen if the Plate is turned round, so as to place the doubled part, D, at the top.

So, perhaps I’ve taken some liberties with calling this a night-cap, but she did write that it was pretty shape for almost any purpose…  so night-cap it is!

Another (Night-) Cap: a tutorial by carrie + fitzProject MATERIALS
  • 1/2 yd  fine white cotton or linen. The example is made of cotton organdy, but a starched cotton batiste, or a handkerchief linen would also be lovely choices
  • Narrow ribbon or perle cotton thread to use for drawstring
  • White hand-sewing thread. My favorite is Gutermann’s cotton quilting thread.
  • Hand sewing needles

The sewing details for this project are on my costuming blog: The Mantua-Maker at Midnight. I’ll be continuing to post costuming-related tidbits over there, just to have a separate place to collect historical costuming tutorials..

The Sew Comfortable series will return on Monday. We’re continuing the history trek with a nightgown from the same book, The Workwoman’s Guide. Hmm, flannel jammies anyone? Until then, stay comfy!

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